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What we cover…

The Luxembourg Space Cluster is a network that supports the various actors of the space technologies sector in Luxembourg to create and develop synergies and new partnerships at the national and international level through collaborative Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) projects.

The Luxembourg Space Cluster focuses on the following thematic areas:

  • Space telecommunications
  • Global Navigation Satellite System and Location based Applications
  • Earth observation
  • Maritime security and safety
  • Space related technologies

What we offer…

The Luxembourg Space Cluster provides access to a dynamic network of companies, public research institutes and organisations and offers a personalised portfolio of support services corresponding to the specific innovation requirements of its members.

Business-oriented platform for networking and exchange that allows you to:

  • share knowledge and experiences with companies and public research organisations specialised in the field of space technologies
  • meet the right partners to develop collaborative R&D and innovation projects on a national and international level
  • participate in seminars, conferences and networking events, including visits to research centres and companies in Luxembourg and abroad

Set of specialised support services providing:

  • access to practical and technical information related to specific questions on space technologies
  • advice on national and European funding opportunities
  • value-added information on emerging technologies and markets